Bad Copy Pro


Recover files from a damaged device


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Bad Copy Pro is an excellent program that gives you the ability to recover accidentally deleted files, read files saved on devices that your computer isn't able to recover, and process damaged or defective files.

The program can read the following devices: CD, DVD, memory cards, USB drives, ZIP discs, hard drives, floppy discs, etc.

The program contains several useful features for CD and DVD data recovery such as:
-Recovery of saved data in any session of a multi-session disc.
-Retrieval of 'lost' information from improperly burned discs.

Bad Copy Pro is an easy to use tool that also lets you select the format of the file to be recovered. What's more, the program contains a small application with which you can view a file before recovering it.

The trial version does not contain the option to 'save' and is therefore unable to recover files.

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